Yaddle Minch
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Yaddle D'Kana


545.5.7 BBY, Dagobah

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Yoda Minch (husband)
Yoder Minch (son)

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Polvin Kut

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"Tell you, I will not. Your hold over these people will end by your own hand. By terror you rule. By fear you will die."
―Yaddle Minch[src]

Yaddle D'Kana, also known as "The One Below", was a renowned female Jedi Master, who went on to serve the Jedi Order for over a century.

A member of the same species as fellow Councillor Yoda Minch, whom she later married. Yaddle trained dozens of Padawans in her time as a Jedi Master, including Oppo Rancisis, who would later join Yaddle on the Jedi Council, and the brash and overconfident Empatojayos Brand. After completing Brand's training, Yaddle did not take another apprentice, as she was almost five hundred years old when Brand passed the Jedi Trials for Knighthood.


Early lifeEdit

Yaddle D'Kana was born a Whill on the planet Dagobah in 545 BBY. Not much was known about Yaddle's early life other than she moved to Coruscant to begin her Jedi training at some point in her first two-hundred years of life.

Jedi TrainingEdit

Almost three hundred years before the Great Jedi Purge, Jedi Knight Polvin Kut and his Padawan Yaddle were dispatched to the planet Koba, located in the Colonies region of space. They had been sent to liberate the planet from the Advozse warlord known as Tulak, who held the planet unlawfully in his tyrannical grip. Polvin Kut had planned to enlist the assistance of a small resistance movement, who were angry with Tulak's exploitation of the people of Koba. However, the two Jedi were betrayed by Tulak's spies within the Koban resistance before they had even reached Koba's outer moon. Tulak, who had come up against the Jedi many times before and held a deep hatred for the Jedi Order, set up an ambush for the two peacekeepers. The Advozse madman used his vast amounts of Koban slaves as warriors against Kut and Yaddle in battle over the Koban Gorge. Polvin Kut, who was not as completely impervious to the dark side as most Jedi, had been tracking Tulak for decades after the Advozse murdered his family. Surrounded by Tulak's slaves and soldiers, who were brandishing primitive axes and blasters, Polvin Kut let revenge affect his reactions, and, more importantly, his judgment. In an vain attempt to kill Tulak, Kut left himself open for attack, and was killed and beheaded by Tulak's slaves, leaving his Padawan Yaddle alone against dozens of vicious fighters.


Yaddle was captured and imprisoned in a chamber deep beneath the ground by Tulak, and subjected to various forms of torture. However, the green-skinned Padawan did not give in Tulak's torture, refusing to tell him when the next Jedi would arrive to challenge the brutal Advozse warlord after many interrogations. Yaddle simply replied that Tulak's reign of terror would end. Tulak, furious that Yaddle was not buckling under torture, decided to keep Yaddle as a hostage, even though she would not submit to his questioning.

After reaping everything and everyone he could from the planet, Tulak decided that he had had enough of Koba, and prepared to make his way to another world, leaving his trusted marshals to watch over the remote planet. All of Tulak's previous attempts at breaking Yaddle had proved unsuccessful, and his original plan to exploit Yaddle's young naivety had failed. Rather than killing his captive, Tulak cruelly imprisoned Yaddle for life in her underground pit, in case she ever became useful as a hostage in the future.

Tulak soon forgot of Polvin Kut's young apprentice, although the people of Koba did not. Yaddle's wardens taunted and jeered Yaddle through a gap in the ceiling in order to gain favor with Tulak's marshals. Yaddle stayed in solitary confinement in her underground prison for over a century, and her only source of provisions were the wardens, who sent down baskets of fruit and vegetables for a time, however as supplies on Koba ran low, the wardens became so preoccupied with their own survival that they slowly forgot about the "One Below". Yaddle's existence became the stuff of legend, and although a few pitiful beings continued to send food down the shaft as a sort of ritual, Yaddle relied on the Force for survival.

During her many decades of isolation, Yaddle reflected upon the lessons of her late Master again and again—she embraced and eventually achieved unity with the Force. Many vicious predators wandered into Yaddle's cave, and she to learn the art of combat—an aspect of the Force she had little experience in—for survival, using a simple wooden stick to defeat vicious creatures several times her size. She became known as the "One Below" by the Kobans.

Personality and traitsEdit

Yaddle 1190756678

Yaddle Minch

"Yaddle could always give them trouble. It is better this way. After all, this is a mission of peace, is it not?"

Yaddle Minch was known as a wise, friendly, gentile and motherly woman. In her younger days, she became one of the most revered members of the Jedi Order, and her fellow Jedi would often consult her for her wisdom and knowledge on many subjects. She came to be known as one of the most compassionate and thoughtful Jedi Masters. In fact, Yaddle was so compassionate that she helped the people of Koba rebuild their society even though they had trapped her in a cave for a century. And instead of resenting the Kobans, she actually felt sorry for them.

Yaddle was also a mentor to many of the students in the Jedi Order, offering help and advice to troubled students. She was also known to have turned a blind eye to any pranks the students would make, and even to have slipped sweets in their pockets. During Luke's training, Yaddle willingly gave the young student advice whenever he needed it, and helped to console him when she felt Yoda was being too tough on him. Yaddle was also very intuitive, having the habit of summing up conclusions that others would have reached eventually.

Yaddle was also known as an extensive collector of many different items. Over time, Yaddle's personal collection of artifacts and trinkets grew so large that she could fill several rooms with them as was the case when Luke arrived at their home on Dagobah. Yoda was even known to playfully make fun of Yaddle for her hoarding of items.

Although, the two didn't really like each other at first, Yoda and Yaddle eventually grew very close, and over time their relationship even blossomed into a long lasting romance until Yoda's own death. The two had one son, Yoder Minch, a Jedi Master who would have a profound impact during the Yuuzhan Vong War.

Powers and abilitiesEdit


Yaddle's exposure to little-known aspects of the Force granted her powers rarely used by Jedi, including the ancient and forbidden Jedi combat art of Morichro, a technique which enabled the user to rapidly slow down the bodily functions of its target to the point of death. This, and many other dark secrets, were kept securely by Yaddle and her colleagues in the Jedi Library. Yaddle was also known for possessing the extremely rare Force Light power, being the only known Jedi of her time who was able to use the power.


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