Thrackan Solo
Sal Solo
Biographical information


Birth Name

Salvatore Thrackan Solo


23:11:28 BBY, Corellia

Physical description





6'1" (1.86 m)

Hair Color

Brown, later graying

Eye Color


Skin Color


Family information

Den Solo (grandfather)
Tira Solo (grandmother)
Jonash Solo (father)
Jaina Thule Solo (mother)
Han Solo (brother)
Lucinda Solo (1st wife)
Eileena Kramer (2nd wife)
Marti Solo (daughter)
Ricky Solo (son)
Mutt Solo (son)
Randil Solo (uncle)
Tiion Solo (aunt)
Leia Organa Solo (sister-in-law)
Han Solo Jr. (nephew)
Jacen Solo (nephew)
Jaina Solo (niece)
Anakin Solo (nephew)
Sami Solo (niece)
Lyra Solo (niece)
Landon Solo (nephew)

Political information
"My allegiance is to the Corellian system alone."
―Sal Solo[src]

Sal Solo was a Human male who served the Galactic Empire as well as the New Republic and later as the Head of State of the Corellia system.

Born on Corellia in the year 28 BBY, Solo was brought up in wealthy surroundings with his father, mother and older brother, Han. However, his mother died in an automobile accident when he was a young boy, an event which created a rift in the family that survived her.


Early lifeEdit

Salvatore Solo was born on Corellia in the year 28 BBY to the archeologist Professor Jonash Solo and his wife Jaina. As a child, Solo was raised alongside his older brother Han in the family's ancestral home. He and his brother bonded with the family dog, whom was named Indiana by their parents. Solo also grew fond of photography at a young age.

Jonash, Han and Sal

Sal with his brother and father

He found himself frustrated in his romantic ambitions, however, as women often tended to think of him not on his own terms, but merely as Han Solo's brother.

Early careerEdit

Sal later attempted to pursue a career in the Imperial Navy, but Han's cashiering, smuggling career and fighting with the Rebellion thwarted his ambition, confining him to the Corellian sector. Nevertheless, Thrackan's ambition and his family connections enabled him to prosper in the Imperial administration, and when Daclif Gallamby became Diktat in 2 ABY, Thrackan was appointed as his deputy.

Personality and traitsEdit

Sal younger

Sal Solo

"Good job, Bria. Just like we planned."
―Sal Solo[src]

Sal Solo was widely known for his Corellian nationalism and a proponent of the Corellian Independence cause. Though a fun loving boy in his early youth, his mother's abrupt death traumatized the entire family. His father never fully recovered and the household as a whole became more sullen, causing him to became angry and sad, which in turn helped to trigger he and his brother Han growing farther apart. This lead to him developing an aggressive and sometimes mean-spirited outlook that would characterize him later in life.

During his time in the Empire, Solo professed some degree of speciesism, though it was more akin to xenophobia and isolationism as his pro-Empire leanings had a limit.

Sal 3

Sal, in his older years

Later on in life he was known for being unpopular with many family members, in particular his own brother. He nevertheless remained well loved by the people of Corellia.

Once in power, he would employ strong-arm tactics to get his way.



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