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Roganda Ismaren
Biographical information



29.1.14 BBY, Alderaan

Physical description





5'4" (1.63 m)

Hair Color


Eye Color


Skin Color


Family information

Edmund Ismaren (father)
Edith Ismaren (mother)
Lagan Ismaren (brother)
Dantius Palpatine (lover)
Galen Palpatine (son)

Political information
Known Masters
Known Apprentices

Galen Palpatine


"Palpatine is a pragmatist. As am I."
―Roganda Ismaren[src]

Roganda Ismaren was a human female who served Dantius Palpatine as an Dark Side Adept and a concubine.

From her affair with Palpatine, she was the mother of Galen Palpatine, a powerful Force Sensitive whom they both trained in the Dark Side.


Early LifeEdit

Roganda Ismaren was born in 29 BBY on the Core World Alderaan to the Jedi Knights Edith and Edmund Ismaren. During the Great Jedi Purge, Ismaren's parents, her older brother Lagan, as well as herself, were taken under the wing of Master Tanicus Plett, in Plett's Well on Belsavis along with numerous other "Children of the Jedi".

Although the battlestation later known as the Eye of Palpatine never arrived on Belsavis to carry out its mission of eradicating the Jedi refugees, having fallen victim to Jedi sabotage in the Moonflower Nebula, an Imperial force arrived in its stead, and bombed Plett's Well. Plett and most of the Children were able to escape, but Roganda and Lagan were left behind. They were taken from their parents and brought before Inquisitor Ameesa Darys, who slew Lagan before his sister's eyes after he resisted arrest. In order to avoid a fate like her brother's, Roganda vowed to rise through the ranks of the Empire and gain power.

The Emperor's CourtesanEdit

"Care for another drink, Hego?"
―Roganda Ismaren to Hego Damask just prior to his death[src]

She used her sexual talents to penetrate the Human male-dominated upper echelons of the Empire, eventually entering the Imperial Court, the domain of the Emperor himself. Eventually, she came under the service of Hego Damask, an immensely wealthy businessman and the Emperor's chief adviser. He was also, however, a Dark Lord and the real power behind the Empire. Through the course of their relationship, Damask taught her in the use of the dark side of The Force.

A few months later, Ismaren met the newly crowned Emperor himself, Dantius Palpatine, who was immediately taken by her beauty. Shortly thereafter, Palpatine went to the temptress and told her that Damask had another mistress. Palpatine then told Ismaren that she deserved to have her revenge against Damask, admitting that he himself wanted him dead, and promised her much power if they were to work together to attain their goals. Both bitter at Damask and wanting to better herself socially, Ismaren willingly accepted the Emperor's offer, becoming his mistress and they soon hatched a plan to end the Dark Lord's life. For Roganda, the Emperor was the ultimate goal, and she attained it, becoming one of his courtesans. She was the only one of the Emperor's mistresses who could touch the Force, and that set her apart.

Two weeks later on the night before the Palpatine's first ever State of the Empire address, Damask attended the premiere of an experimental Mon Calamari piece at the Galaxies Opera House with both Ismaren and Palpatine. After the performance, they retired to Damask's penthouse in the Kaldani Spires building to celebrate Palpatine's upcoming success. There, Ismaren plied Damask with wine while Palpatine rehearsed his speech he would soon deliver before the Senate. Ismaren then watched contently as Palpatine painfully killed Damask in his sleep with Force lightning. After murdering Damask, Palpatine felt a severe shift in the Force, feeling the dark side "anoint him as it's ruler". But he also experienced a sensation of sadness and loss in the Force, initially fearing that the cause of this unease was a sign that Damask's spirit had somehow survived destruction, and would return at any moment to exact vengeance on his treacherous killers.

but her life as an Imperial concubine ended when she became pregnant. Since she could no longer serve as a concubine, Roganda set out to become an Emperor's Hand herself, and through great resolve and persuasion, she succeeded. She continued to use her seductive wiles in her new facility, now to extract secrets from her master's enemies. But her ultimate goal now was revenge as she groomed her son to become the next Emperor as vengeance on Palpatine for destroying her family.

In 1 BBY, Princess Leia Organa saw Roganda Ismaren for the first time. Leia's aunt Rouge told her that the woman was one of Emperor Palpatine's concubines, and her aunt Celly told her that she had borne the Emperor an illegitimate son.

Personality and traitsEdit

Powers and abilitiesEdit

As the daughter of members of the Jedi Order, Roganda inherited their natural connection to the Force. Although she was trained by Jedi Master Plett, she was still a child when kidnapped by Imperial Inquisitors. However, she was strong enough in the Force to escape the Inquisitors who had captured her. Her powers allowed her to infiltrate the Imperial Court and become one of Palpatine's favored concubines. Her devotion to her son also led to her becoming one of the Emperor's Hands. However, Roganda's son was much more powerful in the Force than she, and although she began her son's training, she was forced to pass off further training to other Force-users, such as Nasdra Magrody, Lord Cronal and even Emperor Dantius Palpatine, the boy's father.


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