Kuat Drive Yards
Organizational information

The Ten

Led by

Jett Bradshaw (Vice-President)

Primary role(s)

Shipbuilding corporation

Major products

Numerous military starships and ground vehicles; planetary defense weaponry

Chronological and political information
"At Kuat Drive Yards, we're driven to excel. It is this uncompromising commitment to performance that has made us the largest military shipbuilding corporation in the universe."
―A KDY advertisement[src]

Kuat Drive Yards or KDY is the largest military shipbuilding corporation in the galaxy, based on Kuat.

Kuat Drive Yards has mainly sold its products to the Galactic Empire, and the Galactic Republic previously. Many Kuat products can be found in TIE Fighters, armored fighting vehicles such as AT-STs, AT-TEs, AT-ATs, Star Destroyers, and other military vehicles.

Kuat Drive Yards did not sell only to the Imperials, however, many planetary governments purchased its weapons for the purposes of defending their planet from war. These circumstances helped to make Kuat Drive Yards one of the most famous corporations in the galaxy.