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Kiad Mundi
Biographical information



c. 10 BBY, Cerea

Physical description





6'5" (1.97 m)

Hair Color

Blonde, later white

Eye Color


Skin Color


Family information

Snorri Mindi (father)
Drahoslava Mundi (mother)
Drue Mundi (sister)
Slava Mundi (sister)
Ilona Mundi (sister)
Hedy Mundi (sister)
Shea Mundi (1st wife)
Mawin Mundi (2nd wife)
Lakshmi Mundi (wife)
Patka Mundi (wife)
Alojzia Mundi (wife)
Miroslava Mundi (daughter)
Katalinka Mubdi (daughter)
Karolína Mubdi (daughter)
Wiola Mubdi (daughter)
Ivanka Mubdi (daughter)
Sylvn Mundi (daughter)
Eirene Mundi (daughter)
Tarr Mundi (son)

Political information
Known Apprentices
"There is no such thing as luck."
―Kiad Mundi[src]

Kiad Mundi was a Cerean male Jedi Master who served the New Jedi Order during the Yuuzhan Vong War.

As the Yuuzhan Vong threatened the stability of the New Republic, Mundi was among the Jedi who served as General's, commanding the Galactic Marines during the war. Mundi participated in several major battles, including the Battle of Geonosis and the battle of Hypori, where he barely survived a lightsaber duel against General Grievous.

As the war approached conclusion, Mundi was killed while leading his own troops on Mygeeto.[source?]


Early lifeEdit

Kiad Mundi, a Cerean male, was born in the year 10 BBY on Cerea. He was one of several children in the Mundi family but was the only boy among his siblings and one of the few males in his home village, as the birth rate for male Cereans to females was twenty-to-one. Among his siblings was an older sister, Drue. His father, Snorri, was a farmer and, for the first seventeen years of his life, Mundi lived on the family farm, where his father and mother, Drahoslava, were content to raise him in a secluded lifestyle typical of Cereans, who largely shunned technology and lived in isolation from the rest of the Galaxy. As a youth, Mundi was drawn to offworlder technology, but his father warned him embracing it would come at too high a price, something that Mundi did not understand as a young child.

Throughout his early childhood, Mundi demonstrated great skill with the Force and was able to levitate items and sense danger, although his abilities were unstable due to lack of proper training. On at least one occasion, an item Mundi lifted with the Force exploded in mid-air due to this instability. Mundi's home village was periodically attacked and pillaged by a gang of raiders led by Bin-Garda-Zon. During these raids, Zon repeatedly broke into the Mundi household, smashed their belongings and demanded financial tributes from them, which the family always paid to avoid problems. Mundi could sense Zon's approach prior to these attacks, and his family would hide Mundi in concealed floor compartment before Zon arrived because the raiders would kidnap male children due to the species' low birth rate.

Despite the family's seclusion, rumors of Mundi's abilities with the Force began to spread even outside of Cerea.

Personality and traitsEdit

Ki adi mundi

Kiad Mundi

"My beard is real."
―Kiad Mundi[src]

Kiad Mundi was extremely wise and stoic, and as a Jedi he was well known for his strong judgment, his practical thinking, and his courage. Like all Cereans, his binary brain made him extremely logical and insightful and he was a skilled tactician and diplomat. Mundi had great empathy for other living beings, particularly his fellow Jedi. As a Jedi Master, Mundi had no fear of death, and believed that to die simply meant becoming one with the the Force. During his meditations in the Yuuzhan Vong War, he preferred to have drops of water falling on his head because each drop reminded him of a Jedi who fell in battle. Mundi believed the greatest honor was to sacrifice oneself for others and for a greater cause. During his time as a General during the war, Mundi believed that as a leader, he should not only give orders but personally lead his forces into battle. Mundi demonstrated a strong ability to rally his troops and encourage their trust in the Force in the face of overwhelming odds.

Mundi deeply cared for his family, as evidenced when he fell into despair over the safety of his Sylvn when she was kidnapped. This was particularly evident when, after some of his family were killed during the Great War, Mundi was unable to remain focused on his Jedi service and overcome his grief for some time. He further showed a strong desire to have a son in addition to his daughters. Despite his love for his family, however, Mundi often felt awkward when dealing with problems involving his family and his work.

Mundi harbored a deep love of his home world of Cerea, and felt the Cereans were in perfect harmony with nature. Like many other Cereans of his generation, Mundi was suspicious and distrustful of technology and preferred that his home planet remain technologically primitive and relatively isolated from the rest of the galaxy. Although drawn to off-worlder technology during his youth, Mundi in his adulthood came to respect what his Cerean ancestors had built, such as the planetary capital, Tecave City. He also came to look upon the Outsider Citadels, more modern cities built by off-worlders, with disgust and contempt. Mundi spoke so passionately about this subject that, when arguing against Silais's offer to join the New Republic, he immediately persuaded the Council of Elders to reject the proposal after a single speech. Mundi did not completely oppose the use of all technology, but felt that it should be used in moderation and not simply for the sake of having it. Although he was able to find beauty in other worlds, Mundi felt uncomfortable on technologically-advanced planets when he left Cerea, particularly on the cities of the capital planet Coruscant, and feared Cerea would one day become like them.

Despite his wisdom and control of emotions, Mundi could occasionally fall victim to his own pride, as when, after successfully arguing against Silais's offer to join the Republic, Mundi believed himself invincible and tried to sway the minds of a youthful Pro-Tech rally, inadvertently making them angrier. Mundi demonstrated more of these prideful emotions during his younger years. When encouraged by Frederick Kenobi during a training session to watch his blind spot in combat, Mundi boasted that he did not have a blind spot. Similarly, when he first confronted the raiders on his home world, Mundi believed he was too strong for the enemy to possibly defeat him, which nearly cost him the battle. Mundi was also known to be vain when it came to his appearance, often dying his facial hair after it began to gray. Additionally, despite his intelligence, Mundi did make major lapses in judgment from time to time.

Notes and referencesEdit