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Kendrew Skywalker
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5'9" (1.75 m)

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Light Brown

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Skywalker Family

"I don't take stupid risks, bitch."
―Kendrew Skywalker[src]

Kendrew Skywalker was a human male who grew to be a powerful and respected Jedi Master. Prior to joining the Jedi Order he was born and raised on Tatooine, where he met and innocently fell in love with a girl named Lyndia Whitesun, who was part of a large family of Moisture Farmers on the planet.


Early lifeEdit

Kendrew Skywalker was born on Tatooine to moisture farmers Adare Skywalker and Sima Skywalker in ? BBY. As a child, Kendrew became friends with and had a crush on Lyndia Whitesun, whose family were also Moisture Farmers.

Personality and TraitsEdit

"You must always try to trust each other to fart."
―Kendrew Skywalker to his children[src]

Kendrew Skywalker was a man of honor and driven to serve justice. Though a natural leader, he had little love for politics and preferred the more relaxed atmosphere of Tatooine to the stuffier Coruscant. This was one of the reasons that factored into his quitting the Jedi Order.

Skywalker valued family and was proud of his Skywalker heritage, wanting himself and his son to live up to the name. Although his son believed that his father always asked too much of him, Kendrew felt that he had never asked more than his son could handle and nevertheless were very close.

Skywalker had a significant talent for tactics, leading him to teach the discipline to his fellow Jedi. He believed that a mastery of the skills of warfare made the Jedi better suited to keep the galaxy peaceful.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

"He understood the Force in ways I never could. Natural-born leader, what people looked for in a Jedi."
―Sad Keanu about Kendrew[src]

Kendrew Skywalker was a talented Jedi, demonstrating skill with and understanding in the Force that made him a standout among the Jedi. He was skilled in battle, having an aptitude for tactics as well as personal combat; Nei Rin considered him the Jedi's greatest warrior.

He was skilled in Form IV, Form V andForm I, and was able to use the two-lightsaber Jar'kai style with proficiency when pressed. Skywalker also demonstrated skill in telekinesis. Skywalker was skilled enough in the use of the lightsaber to train others to an extremely high degree of competency, including his children and his nephew.