Jeorge Cardas
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Birth Name

Jeorge Walton Cardas


24:4:29 BBY, Corellia

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Hair Color

Dark Brown, later grey

Eye Color


Skin Color


Family information

Jeorge Cardas Sr. (father)
Nora Cardas (mother)
Annee Cardas (sister)
Marceline Cardas (1st wife)
Melony Cardas (2nd wife)
Amanda Cardas (adoptive-daughter)
Amee Cardas (adoptive-daughter)
Zett Cardas (adoptive-son)

Political information
"It's just one of those things that defies reality."
―Jeorge Cardas[src]

Jeorge Cardas was a male Human smuggler and businessman throughout the time of both the Galactic Empire and New Republic.


Early lifeEdit

Jeorge Cardas was born on the planet Corellia in the year 29 BBY. His mother was an office supplies seller while his father maintained the family ranch. He grew up with a younger sister and was well educated, though an indifferent student at best. At a young age, Cardas became interested in race car driving and starships and one day dreamed of doing something professionally with either one. In 12 BBY, Cardas got into a nearly fatal automobile accident while he was out racing. During his recovery, Cardas reevaluated his life and decided to enroll at Corellia University after graduating high school. During his time at the University, Cardas primarily studied cinematography and anthropology and was also a contemporary of Han Solo and Schteven Borgspiel.

By 4 BBY, just a few years after leaving school, Cardas was a navigator aboard the Bargain Hunter, a smuggling ship rented by Captain Dubrak Qennto. The Bargain Hunter had just three crew members; Cardas, Qennto, and Maris Ferasi, though they made a reasonably lucrative trade smuggling firegems and other illicit materials to gangsters in the Outer Rim Territories.


Personality and traitsEdit

"Cardas is a vengeful man, but like Bombaasa, he likes to consider himself cultured."
―Talon Karrde[src]

Jeorge Cardas was, for most of his life, a kind man. Unlike his business partner Qennto, he was not ruthless during the early part of his smuggling career. Cardas disliked excessive violence and was saddened by the destruction of Aldera. He also hated slavery and found the Vagaari and their beliefs disgusting. However, he was not quite as moral as his smuggling partner Maris Ferasi.

When Cardas received his gifts from Yoda, he changed, however, growing to become a cutthroat competitor. He was determined to get what he wanted, while forgetting his earlier beliefs. Yoda was sickened by this, and so stripped Cardas of his talents. Cardas realized the error of his ways then and once again changed, this time becoming the kind man he had once been.

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