"People say killing Jedi is hard. It's not, you just have to be smart about it. No blasters, no getting close to them, no attacking them directly when you can gun down their allies instead."

A Jedi hunter was a being or droid who specialized in killing Jedi.



No specific background was common among Jedi hunters as they came from diverse upbringings and species.

Some hunters were Force-sensitives themselves. Most Force-using Jedi hunters were members of Dark Side cults and groups that were traditional enemies of the Jedi. Others were former Jedi driven to the Dark Side by unfortunate, traumatic events, and, believing their former mentors responsible, decided to pursue a homicidal grudge against the Order. Examples of such beings included Asajj Ventress and Aurra Sing.

Most disturbingly, however, some creatures were specifically bred, and developed to hunt Jedi, such as the voxyn and terentatek. These creatures often had their aggressive tendencies greatly enhanced by brain modification and conditioning, and their bodies specifically developed to allow incredible speed or strength. Some, such as the terentatek, were genetically engineered to develop heavy armor plates that provided limited protection against lightsabers.

There was also whole series of droids created specifically to assassinate and hunt down the Jedi, as droids could not be sensed through the Force due to their inorganic nature, and due to the speed of machines, they could demonstrate the speed and reflex necessary to compete with the Jedi.

However, many hunters were not Force-users, heavily augmented cyborgs, droids, or genetically created/altered creatures, but were instead ordinary people. These hunters instead relied on skill and tact as opposed to sheer power to bring down Jedi. Skilled hunters realized that Jedi were very deadly against enemies using standard weapons and tactics designed to kill normal beings, so many of their tactics revolved around non-standard weapons and equipment. Old guns using bullets were useful against Jedi, since bullets could not be deflected by a lightsaber, as they simply vaporized on contact with the blade. Flamethrowers also worked well, as they couldn't be blocked by lightsabers, though they could be deflected by the Force, but this took considerable effort. Sonic weapons shattered concentration, making use of Force powers impossible. Use of proper mental techniques to cloud one's intentions made ambush an option. Quality poisoned darts were silent and worked too quickly for Jedi to counter. These two weapons were of limited use on a large-scale battlefield, but deadly against Jedi.

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