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c. 3,956 BBY

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Gray Jedi was a term used by Jedi and Dark Jedi to describe Force-users who walked the line between the light and dark sides of the Force without surrendering to the dark side, and also described Jedi who distanced themselves from the Jedi High Council and operated outside the strictures of the Jedi Code. However, those who were considered to be true Gray Jedi met both qualifications and did not belong to any particular Force tradition. One example was Jolee Bindo, a former Jedi apprentice and self-proclaimed Gray Jedi of the Old Republic.

Although the term did not directly refer to those who were capable of using both light and dark side Force abilities, all Gray Jedi could do so. The term was similar to that of "Dark Jedi" in that it could refer to any Force-user, and not only to Jedi. For example, the Voss Mystics were considered to be Gray despite holding very different views than, and refusing association with, the Jedi Order. The term was sometimes used to refer to unorthodox or dissident Jedi who did not meet the strictest requirements of being a Gray Jedi. For example, the Jedi Kyp Durron was thought of by some members of the Jedi Order as a Gray Jedi for his disagreements with the High Council.

The term dated back as far as the Jedi Civil War, when the High Council attempted to consolidate their power and centralize the Order. Some Jedi felt that the Council did not have the authority to reinterpret the Jedi Code, and considered themselves beholden only to the Force. During this time period, Gray Jedi became associated with a certain variety of robe; Bindo wore a version of these robes. The term was later used by the New Jedi Order to refer to entire Force traditions that held views that differed from the Jedi's but did not embrace the dark side. The Jensaarai was such an organization.

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Gray Jedi called on the dark side of the Force, but were not corrupted by it and did not embrace it entirely. In fact, some Gray Jedi opposed those who embraced the dark side during the Jedi Civil War. While Gray Jedi displayed a lax adherence to the light side of the Force, they were free of dark side corruption; beings who were corrupted by the dark side were not considered to be Gray Jedi—nor were Jedi who fell to the dark side and were later redeemed. Still, some Jedi thought that Gray Jedi carried the dark side's influence within them, even if the Gray Jedi did not always realize it. The term did not refer to Force-users who believed there was no dark side of the Force, as such individuals were instead followers of the Potentium.