Fang Zar
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Sern Prime


31.8.22 BBY

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5'6" (1.69 m)

Hair Color

Black, graying

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"Slowly but surely the Republic is dying."
―Fang Zar[src]

Fang Zar was a male Human who served as the senator of the Sern sector during the early years of the New Republic.

He was an outspoken opponent of the centralization of power experienced by the Republic during Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's time in office and became involved with a secret organization of Loyalists known as the Republic Group. Zar was a key member in the group's plan to "restore honor to the Republic" by revealing the Insignia of Unity; however, intervention by the Senate Bureau of Intelligence left the plan in obscurity for decades. His opposition to Palpatine eventually led him to become a member of the Delegation of 2000, a group of senators and representatives who disapproved of the sweeping amendments made to the Galactic Constitution over the course of the Clone Wars. Shortly after the Battle of Coruscant, Zar accompanied other members of the Delegation to present the Petition of 2000 to Palpatine in the hope that the Supreme Chancellor would begin to relinquish some of the powers granted to him by the constitutional amendments.

The Delegation's plea fell on deaf ears, and Palpatine seized absolute power, transforming the Republic into the Galactic Empire at the close of the Clone Wars. The new Galactic Emperor targeted members of the Delegation of 2000 as traitors to the Empire, and Zar was detained for a time by the Imperial Security Bureau. Upon release, he was ordered to remain on Coruscant, however, the Sern Prime native abandoned his post as senator and fled to Alderaan. There, Zar was granted political asylum by Bail Organa, a founding member of the Delegation of 2000. After residing in the Aldera Royal Palace for several weeks in 1 AJP, Zar's flight from Coruscant was revealed to the Emperor, who dispatched Tol Skorr to retrieve the former senator and return him to the Imperial Security Bureau. Not wanting to involve Organa in his troubles with the Bureau, Zar contacted a crime lord on Murkhana to obtain passage from Alderaan to Sern Prime. The crew of the freighter Drunk Dancer undertook the mission to transport Zar and was successful in recovering the former senator from the Royal Palace. However, before he boarded the Drunk Dancer and departed Alderaan, Zar was attacked by Tol Skorr, who threw his lightsaber at the senator. The blade cut through Zar's chest, resulting in his death shortly thereafter on the Drunk Dancer's operating table.