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Sebastian Kaywood
Biographical information


Birth Name

Sebastian Edmund Kaywood


October 9, 1982, Kesh

Physical description





6'0.75" (1.85 m)

Hair Color

Brown, later grey

Eye Color


Skin Color


Family information

Alaric Kaywood (father)
Alvina Kaywood (mother)
Tanton Kaywood (brother)
Shira Kaywood (wife)
Vestara Kaywood (daughter)
Jaden Kaywood (son)
Isidore Coll (father-in-law)
Imogen Coll (mother-in-law)

Political information
"Soon, if you do not wish to be angry, you will not become so. If you do not wish to be afraid, you will cease to be. Even happiness can interfere. You will learn to use your anger, your fear, your hatred. You will choose which emotions you will feel and when. They will become weapons, just like a lightsaber, and you will be their wielder."
―Sebastian Kaywood[src]

Sebastian Kaywood was a human male Force-sensitive who served as a High Lord in the Lost Tribe.

Born on Kesh in the year 1982, Kaywood was raised in a privileged home and spent his childhood at the best schools on the planet, including the Leadership School. There he dated a young woman by the name of Cartani Rogrét from the House of Rogrét, but later broke it off at some point. After the relationship ended, he became more focused on his duties as the Prince and heir to his father's throne.


Early lifeEdit

Sebastian Kaywood was born in the year 1983 on the planet Kesh into a respected family in the Lost Tribe, the rulers of his homeworld.

Raised and groomed to be the future Grand Lord of the Lost Tribe, Kaywood was always sent to the best schools on the planet.

including the Leadership School where he met a young woman by the name of Cartani Rogrét from the House of Rogrét and became friends. The two developed feelings for one another, and eventually dated for a time. However, the two broke off their relationship at some point, something they both came to regret later in life.

Personality and traitsEdit

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Sebastian Kaywood

"I pride myself as a fair and just man."
―Sebastian Kaywood[src]

Sebastian Kaywood was arrogant, vengeful, manipulative, intelligent and extremely ruthless towards his enemies. He was a stubborn and iron-fisted leader, but was ultimately a man dedicated to the protection and preservation of his people, though his actions were usually misguided and blinded by prejudice and power. As a proud man, Kaywood was very concerned about his public image to the Circle of Lords and was fixated on the idea of presenting himself as the "perfect" leader, believing that being strong, decisive, just and virile was what it took to do so. He also thought that showing any kind of weakness would be a danger, for he believed that his enemies would take advantage of it and was known to have held some Human-centrist beliefs. He was also unwilling to change his mind once a decision had been made, though on some occasions he did accept the wrongness of his actions and apologized for choosing poorly.

Kaywood did not tolerate insolence, however, and frequently rebuked his only son, Jayden, for shows of defiance. He demanded a lot from his son, insisting that he fit the mold for his idea of a good High Lord, and often overruled his judgements, claiming he would only understand when he was older. Regardless, Kaywood cared about his son and daughter Juliet more than anyone, stating that he meant more to him than the entire kingdom and certainly more than his own life. Luke even came to admire Kaywood for his love of his children, although he believed that he was too stern with them. Indeed, Kaywood was not always so protective of his daughter.

Holding a dislike of Jedi since birth,


Powers and abilitiesEdit

"Let this be understood, whoever has done this, they have betrayed me, they betrayed the Tribe, and they betrayed Kesh. If I ever discover who it was, they will rue the day they were born."
―Sebastian Kaywood[src]


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