Dexter Jettster
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5'9" (1.75 m)

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Brown; later grey

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Hermione Jettster (2nd wife)

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Dex's Diner

"I would think you Jedi would have more respect for the difference between knowledge and wisdom."
―Dexter Jettster[src]

Dexter "Dex" Jettster was a human cook with a diverse past and the owner of Dex's Diner.


Early lifeEdit

Little was known of Dexter Jettster's early life outside of being born on Ojom during the reign of the Galactic Empire. It was known that after leaving his homeworld, Dex had a colorful life and varied careers, including prospecting, smuggling, running guns, and even a stint as a professional fighter.

Meeting KenobiEdit

Dex was later running a bar on the remote Outer Rim mining world of Ord Sigatt, and he used the bar as a cover for running guns. Shortly thereafter, Dex opened a weapon shop on the Outland Station, where he supplied mercenaries and bounty hunters. When a strike team of Bando Gora Force witches raided the Outland Station, he decided he'd had enough. He sold the last stock to Jantong Fett and used the proceeds to fund his trip to Coruscant. For many years it had been his dream to open a restaurant in the best part of the planet. He would soon open Dex's Diner in CoCo Town. It was at this time that Jettster first met the Jedi student Owen Kenobi, after dropping bottles in an alley.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Due to his wide experience, he was known as a reliable informant. Jedi Knights Owen Kenobi and Quinlan Vos often turned to him when they needed some information.


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