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Dark Side Adept was a generic term to describe any Force-sensitive, dark side using individual in the service of an established monarch or other form of royalty, specifically the Galactic Empire. Dark Side Adepts were often found at the sides of rulers whose dominion was fortified with dark side teachings, and usually acted as royal guards or advisors. Most Dark Side Adepts had a basic affinity for the Force, and had received rudimentary training in the ways of the dark side.


The prominence of Dark Side Adepts dates back as far as the ancient aristocracy of Onderon, under the leadership of Queen Amanoa (in whose service acted as Royal Guards) and her husband, King Ommin. While both the King and Queen preferred to employ Adepts as their personal royal protectors, their Naddist army's enlistment consisted mostly of Dark Side Adepts as well. The only well known Adepts under Ommin and Amanoa's service during this time were Ommin's personal aide Novar, and the Dark Jedi Warb Null. After the Freedon Nadd Uprising, nearly all of Onderon's Dark Side Adepts were wiped out, however, it was known that by 3,997 BBY some were still alive and practicing dark side traditions. Darksiders Rask and Nebo were two such individuals.

During the tenure of the Galactic Empire, most any darksider were considered a Dark Side Adept. More specifically, the term referred to any darksider in an administrative position within the Galactic Empire. The highest ranking Adepts were the members of the Inquisitorius. The most widely known Dark Side Adept was Grand Inquisitor Tol Skorr, who wreaked havok upon Dantius Palpatine's enemy's. The exact number of Adepts during Palpatine's reign remains unknown, however, it is known that the total number of his Adepts exceeded six hundred.

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