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Corran Horn
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24:6:19 BBY, Corellia

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6'0" (1.83 m)

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Brown; later greying

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Family information

Nejaa Halcyon (grandfather)
Rostek Horn (step-grandfather)
Scerra Horn (grandmother)
Valin Hal Horn (father)
Niamh Horn (mother)
Merlin Horn (brother)
Mira Terrik Horn (wife)
Valin Horn (son)
Beckett Horn (son)
Sela Horn (daughter)
Matilda Horn (daughter)
Colin Horn (2nd cousin)
Booster Terrik (father-in-law)
Jysella Terrik (mother-in-law)

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Known Masters

Luke Skywalker

Known Apprentices
"Sure. I can’t move a rock with my mind, but, boy, can I make that rock think it’s been moved."
―Corran Horn[src]

Corran Horn was a human male pilot who served as a Corellian Security Force investigator, a Rogue Squadron ace and New Republic hero, and later a respected Jedi Master of the New Jedi Order.

Born in 19 BBY to Niamh and Valin "Hal" Horn on the planet Corellia, Horn lived his early life unaware that his grandfather was Nejaa Halcyon, a Jedi Master. He followed his father and adoptive grandfather into the Corellian Security Force, where he excelled. However, he came into conflict with his Imperial Intelligence liaison officer, Kirtan Loor, and eventually fled Corellia after the Battle of Hoth in order to evade execution. Horn spent the next several months lying low on Garqi before saving several locals from the Empire and making the decision to join the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

A highly skilled pilot, Horn joined Rogue Squadron in 3 ABY and became a flight leader. He participated in the captures of Borleias and Coruscant, taking the shields of the latter down and being captured by the Empire in the process. He was incarcerated in the infamous Lusankya prison, where he resisted Ysanne Isard's brainwashing and became the first individual ever to directly escape the prison.


Early lifeEdit

Corran Horn was born on the planet Corellia in the year 19 BBY, the son of Valin Horn, known widely as Hal, and Niamh Horn. Valin Horn was actually the biological son of Nejaa Halcyon, a Jedi Master, but when Halcyon was killed, Valin was adopted by Rostek Horn, a Corellian Security Force police officer who was Halcyon's best friend. Rostek married Halcyon's wife Scerra as well and hid all evidence of Valin Horn, who now went by Hal, as he was a Force-sensitive. Corran Horn himself was raised in Coronet City, unaware of any of this history or his own Force-sensitivity.

As a child, Horn observed his father in some minor meditative exercises and attempted to imitate him. The elder Horn taught him these techniques, telling Horn they were part of a secret game and he must not reveal them to anyone as they were, in fact, Jedi exercises. [1] As he grew, his father and grandfather encouraged him to always follow his hunches and to heed any internal sense of discomfort with a situation, knowing that they were manifestations of his Force abilities.

Corellian SecurityEdit

"No one makes a victim of folks I'm sworn to protect."
―Corran Horn, to Iella Wessiri[src]

Horn entered the Corellian Security Force Academy immediately upon graduating secondary school, where he excelled, setting new records, many of them by beating his father's. He was in the Academy when he heard of the destruction of the Death Star and the warrant placed on Han Solo for his part in it. Horn was left feeling that the smuggler Solo was a blot on Corellia's honor, causing the world to be overly associated with smuggling and lawlessness.

Around 0 ABY, Horn was present in the Corellian city of Doaba Guerfel investigating the extremely powerful Black Sun crime syndicate as an undercover officer. During that investigation, he became aware that Chandra Conrad was willing to come forward as a witness. However, at that same time, he had to attend a vital Black Sun meeting. Horn had to recruit a trustworthy individual to escort Conrad to a later meeting with him, at which point he was able to deal with her safely. Upon finding that the individual had performed well and unable to move against Black Sun due to his undercover position, Horn engaged his new operative to bring in Obrio Caldori, a mid-level Black Sun administrator who was willing to turn state's evidence. Caldori quickly turned over major information when he saw how much Horn already knew, and with his evidence, Horn had a major Black Sun figure, Voydd Blancken, arrested.

When Boushh and another bounty hunter kidnapped his father after the Battle of Talus, Horn pursued and confronted them with several Corellian Security agents in tow, exactly as they had planned, hoping to collect a bounty placed on Horn's head. The fierce battle degenerated into a standoff, leading the pair to offer to let the elder Horn go if Corran Horn would turn himself over to them. Refusing to allow harm to come to his father, he agreed. Rebel agents later rescued him, along with several Rebel-aligned captives, from imprisonment outside Bestine on Tatooine.

Around 1 ABY, Horn graduated from the CorSec Academy and became a full officer of the Corellian Security Force. He frequently worked alongside his father, developing his skills as a bright young prospect, and participated in many undercover missions. At some point, he was part of a security detail for Imperial actress Wynssa Starflare during a visit to Corellia.[1] The Imperial Intelligence liaison with whom Horn's division of Corellian Security had to coordinate was Kirtan Loor, and he and Horn mutually despised each other. Horn regarded Loor as arrogant, incompetent, and intrusive.[2] He always tried to avoid having to actually deal with Loor in person.[3] Loor only aggravated Horn's existing dislike of Imperial interference in Corellian affairs as he wanted the Empire's influence and presence on Corellia to be minimal. To that end, he believed in keeping a minimal Rebel presence on Corellia so that the Empire would not need to intervene strongly. He disliked the Rebellion, regarding them as a band of criminals who cloaked their law-breaking in talk of revolution. Over the course of Horn's CorSec career, his investigations would lead to the capture of Jedi, though he appeared to be unaware of his role in any Imperial Jedi-hunting.[3][4][5]

Later in 1 ABY, Horn's mother was badly injured in a landspeeder accident with a drunken driver, and Horn and his father rushed to the hospital to be with her. She spoke with them about their future before passing away, leaving Horn and his father grieving together.

Capturing Zekka ThyneEdit

Valin: "Getting into the fortress is only the first step, you know. You think you'll be able to simply march up to Thyne, slap the restraints on him in the name of Corellian Security, and march him out?"
Corran: "We do have the legal authority to do that, you know."
Valin: "Which means nothing at all inside his stronghold. You have any idea how many CorSec agents have gone after top Black Sun lieutenants like Thyne and simply vanished?"
―Valin "Hal" Horn and Corran Horn[src]

By the end of 1 ABY, Horn was partnered with his father. While surveilling Sajsh's booth on Treasure Ship Row, an outlet for the business of Corellia's top Black Sun lieutenant, Zekka Thyne, he noticed a man speak with Sajsh and ask for Borbor Crisk, a rival of Zekka Thyne. Finding this suspicious, he kept an eye on the man, who joined up with another young man, a woman, and a Tunroth. He returned to report to his father, also present in the marketplace, and while doing so noticed the group meet up with a bounty hunter Hal recognized as Jodo Kast. Realizing that the strangers would likely be investigated by Thyne and brought before him in his private stronghold, Horn suggested that he and his father should attach themselves to the group in hopes of being brought along. Hal thought it was extremely dangerous, but agreed to at least see what the group was doing.[2]

They followed the strangers and, when they became involved in trying to stop a confrontation between the Brommstaad Mercenaries and a shop owner and his daughter, both Horns drew their blasters to keep the Brommstaad leader from drawing on Kast. The mercenaries admitted that they were outmatched and backed off, leaving the suspicious group thanking the Horns. They discussed the situation of the group—Haber Trell, Maranne Darmic, Riij Winward, Rathe Palror, and Kast. The group, a freighter crew, stated that they simply had to deliver a cargo to Crisk. The Horns told them that their cargo, the contents of which they did not know, was almost certainly illegal. They introduced themselves as a pair of small-time criminals looking for a position in Crisk's organization. Horn admitted to having overheard their conversation with Sajsh and asked if they could come along to the meeting that night with the man Sajsh had said was Crisk's contact; the Horns knew it would actually be an ambush by Thyne's men. Kast, the leader of the group, said that only Hal could come along. He assigned Horn, Winward, and Darmic to offload the cargo and prepare it for delivery.[2]

Horn headed to the freighter, the Hopskip, with the others and began subtly probing them for information about themselves. While unloading the boxes, he immediately recognized them as sleight boxes, a smuggling trick box which used small repulsors to neutralize its weight, making its contents difficult to determine. Neither Darmic nor Winward knew the boxes were sleight boxes, or even what sleight boxes were. While unloading the boxes and discussing the morality of the Rebellion with Winward, whom he suspected of harboring Rebel sympathies, Horn was surprised to see Kast return. Kast revealed that he, serving as a rearguard for Hal Horn, Palror, and Trell, had seen them captured by Thyne's thugs and done nothing; he said he had been too badly outnumbered. Kast told them to deliver the cargo to Crisk, having set up a new meeting, while he would free the others from Thyne. Horn angrily insisted on coming along to free his father, though he denied a family connection to Kast and the others. While Kast left, Horn insisted that Darmic and Winward open some of the poorly-sealed boxes to see just what they were delivering. They found glitterstim and Durindfire gems in two different boxes. Horn came up with a plan to take only those two boxes to Crisk, hiding the rest in a storage facility and only giving their location once the others were rescued from Thyne's fortress. If he and Kast failed, they were to leverage Crisk into attempting a rescue. If Crisk refused, they could use their rich cargo to ransom the captives from Thyne.[2]

During the landspeeder ride to Thyne's stronghold, Horn and Kast happened to discuss art, with Horn finding Kast's keen interest in and knowledge of art unusual, and having to make excuses for his assumed criminal identity to be familiar with the works of Venthan Chassu. When they arrived, they were ushered into Thyne's office, where Hal, Trell, and Palror were all restrained and had clearly been beaten. He was shocked when Kast drew a blaster on him, claiming that Trell and Palror were assassins working for Crisk. They were imprisoned in Thyne's wine cellar, and Kast taunted Horn before he left. Hal, imprisoned in the same cell, realized that Kast had left them a molecular stiletto to cut their way out and had warned them, in his taunting, that most of Thyne's forces were being sent after Crisk and the others who were arranging a deal with him, leaving the fortress vulnerable.[2]

The pair ambushed the guard outside the room and allowed Trell and Palror to cut themselves free, telling them to take an airspeeder and leave. They were going after Thyne. They stormed Thyne's office, where Horn stunned one enforcer, and Kast, inside the office, killed the other. Thyne, however, fled down his own private escape route. Kast said that he had more business to handle inside the fortress and left Thyne to the Horns. They pursued him down his escape tunnel. When it widened into a dark cave, the Horns advanced carefully. In the darkness, however, Thyne was able to get the drop on Horn—disarming him and using him as a hostage, blaster pistol to his head—and demanded Hal show himself. Hal did show himself, with a blaster carbine aimed at Thyne. He identified himself as a Corellian Security Force inspector and demanded that Thyne surrender. Thyne instead demanded that Hal drop his weapon. He pretended to remove his finger from the trigger, but actually kept it on, using his Force abilities to fool Thyne. When Thyne relaxed, he struck him with a stun bolt. Hal carried Thyne while the younger Horn led the way out of the tunnel. There, they were surrounded by the Imperial stormtroopers Kast had arranged to raid Thyne's fortress. They identified themselves, and Colonel Maximilian Veers allowed them to pass with Thyne. What they never learned was that "Kast" had in fact been Grand Admiral Mitth'raw'nuruodo, helping Darth Vader take down Thyne, and in so doing, strike at the Dark Lord's rival, Black Sun leader Prince Xizor.[2]

Living with lossEdit

"I saw my father get shot up. Murdered. And I couldn't do anything about it. I was a hundred meters away, watching him by remote, backing him up, when a bounty hunter walked into the cantina and lit up the booth where he was sitting with two other people. Killed them all and I couldn't do anything about it. I got there and held my father in my arms, but it was too late."
―Corran Horn, to Winter[src]

In early 2 ABY, Horn transferred into the Smuggling Interdiction Division of CorSec. There he was partnered with Iella Wessiri, and he worked with an astromech droid he nicknamed Whistler.[6][7] Horn's supervisor was Gil Bastra, a former partner of his father's. Horn was a relentless investigator, using brute force to push through investigations, while Wessiri preferred subtlety, making them a powerful team. Horn sometimes had to fly escort duty, which he hated.[6] He was, however, an excellent pilot, his skills honed by space missions in his CorSec T-65 X-wing starfighter. Wessiri's husband, Diric Wessiri, often took an interest in their cases. In one, he became convinced that a suspect was innocent and badgered Horn and Iella to look for evidence of her innocence. They eventually found that Diric was in fact right, and arrested those who were truly responsible.[7]

Around six months after joining the Smuggling Interdiction Division, Horn and his father went on a mission in which they anticipated trouble. With Horn watching from a remote as Hal met with two other men, he found little to worry him and so relaxed. However, the bounty hunter Bossk entered the room and sprayed fire across the table at which Hal Horn was sitting, killing him and his companions. Horn rushed out, but could only hold his father's body in his arms.[6] Horn was impressed by his father's wake and the outpouring of respect for Valin Horn at it, so impressed that he hoped his life could be celebrated the same way.[6] However, without his father, he felt adrift emotionally. He made only one new friend during the rest of his time in CorSec, and she left him six months later.

Horn tracked Bossk down and arrested him, but Loor turned him loose without so much as an arraignment, citing the Trandoshan lack of manual dexterity as making Hal Horn collateral damage in a valid Imperial warrant.[6] Horn was furious, absolutely loathing Loor from then onwards and suspecting that Loor had a hand in the death itself. He longed to kill the man, but was talked down by Bastra, who became his primary mentor after his father's death.[6][7] Morose and constantly reliving the past, Horn's mind was only brought back to the moment when Wessiri and Bastra got him into a cantina brawl, helping him focus himself on living in the present.[1] Horn kept his father's lucky medallion and began wearing it as his own.[8] It was in fact a commemorative medallion marking Halcyon's ascent to the rank of Jedi Master, a secret family heirloom the full meaning of which Horn did not understand, although he valued it highly.[7]

When the Annual CorSec Awards Ball was gearing up at the end of the year, around six months after Hal Horn's death, the traditional pool system was changed. Usually, each male CorSec officer bought into a pool, the winner of which was originally given the right to take the Director's daughter to the ball. Over the years, it became a tradition in which a female officer offered herself as the prize, and the proceeds from the lottery system went to the Survivors and Orphans Fund. That year, however, the prize was, unknown to her, Chertyl Ruluwoor. A female Selonian, Ruluwoor was part of a transfer program with CorSec. No one wanted to have to take her to the ball, but Horn, miserable from his father's death, decided that there was no point in making anyone else suffer. He persuaded the significant others of all the other officers in the pool that the lottery was rigged to cause that officer's ticket to win the pool. He let them sell him their tickets, eventually gaining every single ticket in the pool. He gave all the proceeds to the Survivors and Orphans Fund and went all-out to make Ruluwoor's night special, flying across the planet to pick up the proper flowers. Ruluwoor made a stunning impression at the ball, and later she and Horn, who had hit it off, made love. While Horn enjoyed the experience immensely, he proved allergic to her fur and her skin was irritated by his sweat, resulting in an uncomfortable experience for both afterward. Knowing their relationship would not work out, they parted amicably.[9]

During one raid on a glitterstim dealer's warehouse, Horn was nearly shot in the resulting battle. Wessiri shot the man who had Horn in his sights, saving his life. Horn immediately felt grateful to Wessiri and began to think he was in love with her. In the emotional aftermath of the fighting, Wessiri reciprocated his feelings, but they were separated and debriefed before they could act on them. Horn did not see her until two days later, by which time the moment had passed and he realized their feelings were merely the result of the emotional aftereffects of battle.[6]

At some point during his partnership with Wessiri, Horn was assigned to protect the young heiress Siolle Tinta. They got along very well due to their similar views on art, and during the three days they spent together in a safe house, Horn came to believe he was in love with her. In short order, however, Wessiri caught the potential kidnapper after Tinta and she no longer needed protection. Horn quickly realized that their time together had merely been an infatuation that would not have worked long-term.[1]

Drifting into dangerEdit

"I fear him because he can be relentless. He hates me because I freed the bounty hunter who murdered his father. Though not a crime, it is something for which he will not forgive me. Were he disposed toward murder, I would already be dead."
―Kirtan Loor, to Ysanne Isard, about Corran Horn[src]

Around three months into the next year, Horn and Wessiri were assigned to investigate the kidnapping of Fyric Fel, the two-year-old nephew of Imperial fighter ace Colonel Baron Soontir Fel. They went to the Fel estate, where Wessiri interviewed Fyric's parents, Todr and Ajai Fel. They gave up little information and were not particularly cooperative. Horn, after examining the crime scene, was convinced that the kidnappers were extremely skilled professionals. When three strangers pulled up to the estate and identified themselves as friends of the family coming for a visit, Horn was immediately suspicious of them. They were actually Wes Janson, Derek Klivian, and Isplourrdacartha Estillo of Rogue Squadron, sent to offer the Fels asylum in the Rebel Alliance. While Horn asked Wessiri about the three, Loor arrived and took control of the investigation. After deflecting Loor's interest, Horn let the three Rogues go but asked them, if they were truly family friends, to convince the Fels to cooperate.[10]

Horn and Wessiri were able to find a source within the kidnapping gang who informed them that the kidnappers would be at an alley, where they waited. The Rogues arrived there for a meeting with the kidnappers, having been enlisted by Ajai Fel to aid them, but were attacked. Horn and Wessiri drew their blasters and entered the fight, but the ringleader of the plot, Ilir Post, fled. Estillo argued that Post was likely working for the Empire, as Loor had seemed keen to pull the pair of investigators off the case. Horn found that unlikely until Estillo suggested that Todr Fel had defected, leaving Horn strongly suspicious that the group was from the Rebel Alliance. Though not happy about working with these agents, Horn was committed to rescuing Fyric and decided that, with the Empire against them, he would have to take what allies he could get.[10]

When they received word from their informant as to where Post was hiding, they raided his estate. They had to shoot their way across an open, guarded lawn, but before they entered the manor, Post appeared on a balcony holding Fyric and a blaster. He ordered them to withdraw, or else he would kill the child. Horn and the others were caught in a bind with no shot at Post, but knowing that if they withdrew, Post would likely open fire on them. Their dilemma was solved when a shot caught Post in the head, killing him. Fyric dropped several stories from the balcony, saved by Estillo in a diving catch. Horn was confused as to the source of the shot, but as they left, they found Todr Fel in the woods with a blaster rifle. He had shot Post knowing that Fyric would be killed if Post lived, and that there was a chance Fyric might live if Post were shot. Horn allowed the Rogue pilots to leave with the Fels and put off filing his reports on the incident as long as possible so that the Imperials would not be tipped off. When the Rogues departed the planet, their transport came under attack by TYE-wing uglies. Horn, having shadowed the ship in his X-wing, destroyed three of the fighters, allowing the ship to escape.[10]

Horn's division wished to focus on spice smugglers and other serious criminals, but ordered them to pursue Rebel shipping. When they preferred to focus on what they felt were criminals actually hurting Corellia, Loor threatened to bring them up on charges of treason. Bastra, feeling they were in danger, worked up false identities for himself, Horn, and the Wessiris. In order to be clear of suspicion, Horn and Bastra made up files on a group of dangerous smugglers, which Bastra then accused Horn of murdering. They staged an argument and pretended that their friendship had been destroyed. With Loor convinced they hated each other, they were free to meet outside the office and set up their escape routes. Loor threatened to bring murder charges against him for the smugglers if Horn ever crossed him.[6]

With Horn knowing he was about to escape, he began openly defying Loor more often. Eventually, Loor sent Horn to investigate smuggler activity that was supposedly occurring in the system. Horn took his CorSec X-wing, with Whistler in the astromech socket, to investigate but found two flights of TIE fighters waiting for him, an ambush set up by Loor. He shot down a few of the TIEs and jumped into hyperspace.[6]

Transitional periodEdit

On the runEdit

"I'm not a joiner, Captain. All I want is to be left alone. Your fight isn't my fight."
―Corran Horn, to Dromath[src]

Whistler had the complete files for the cover identities set up by Bastra, and Horn moved through several of them. Whistler encouraged him to join the Rebel Alliance, but Horn insisted that he simply wanted to lay low. During his time on the run, he always managed to fly once a week. He spent the majority of his time as "Eamon Yzalli" on Garqi as the confidential aide to a governor on the Imperial world.[6][11] As the governor he worked under was frequently absent, he worked most closely with the military prefect, Mosh Barris. He hid his X-wing with Whistler in an abandoned building but visited the droid and took the fighter for night flights frequently, easily evading the local patrols. When his centrifugal debris extractor was damaged by a rdava-bird striking the intake, Captain Lai Nootka of the freighter Star's Delight brought Horn parts as well as a shipment of proton torpedoes for the fighter. However, the freighter's cargo was found by the Imperial authorities, creating fears of a Rebel presence on Garqi. Minor slicing attacks displaying New Republic crests inflamed those fears, though Horn knew they were only the work of dissatisfied students at Garqi Agricultural University. One of them, Dynba Tesc, had been arrested and was interrogated by Barris. Horn was convinced that when Barris realized she knew nothing, he would let her go, but Barris seemed convinced that Tesc was a genuine Rebel. Feeling guilty over the imprisonment of Nootka and his crew, Horn wanted to free them, but felt unable to without his X-wing in working order.[11]

As Yzalli, Horn spoke with Barris about Tesc's case, suggesting she might know no more than the little she had said. Barris was convinced that she was holding out, and that he could revive his dismal career by rooting out Garqi's Rebel cell. Barris mentioned that Kirtan Loor had been dispatched to Garqi. Already convinced by the Imperial attention to the world that it was time for him to move on, this development only alarmed him more; Horn knew that even despite the fact that he had grown a beard and dyed his hair blond, Loor would recognize him. Further driving him to action was Barris's intent to publicly execute Tesc as an example and in so doing drive her Rebel confederates to reveal themselves as they dispersed. Horn immediately hit upon a solution to his problem, and proposed to Barris that he schedule Tesc's execution for one week later. Horn would tell Tesc that he would arrange her escape, playing on his false identity's Alderaanian origins to convince her that he had decided to oppose the Empire. Gathering her, her Rebel friends, and the crew of the Star's Delight together, he would have them attempt to escape on the restocked freighter. Garqi's TIE complement could destroy the entire Rebel presence in one stroke as they fled, a kill ensured by sabotaging the ship's shields ahead of time. Horn would deliver the parts to the freighter, but in order to keep him from actually being on it, Barris would enter a notation of his execution in the Imperial system. The Rebel slicers, assuming that Yzalli had been found out, would alert their confederates to flee at once. As the slicers could access the Imperial system, neither Horn nor Barris could enter any information on the plan into the computer system. Delighted, Barriss approved the plan. In fact, Horn would use the parts to repair his fighter and use the supposed Rebels' escape to cover his own, allowing him to escape and free those he had brought into danger.[11]

Horn spoke with Tesc and told her of the escape plan, though he did not reveal his true identity or plans. He removed her from prison and had her pass herself off as "Kirtana Loor" in order to take the Delight's crew out of custody and to the Delight. Using only the TIE pilots he planned to shoot down as workers, he had the ship's cargo restored to it, minus the debris extractor he needed. He also had a duplex circuit in the shield system replaced with a triplex one; sabotage which could be repaired by giving the freighter's crew the proper codes. Everything was in place for an escape attempt the next day, around the time Loor would be arriving.[11]

The gathering of the crew and Tesc's cell of slicers went smoothly, and the Star's Delight began its escape. Horn's final act as Eamon Yzalli was to send a report to Loor stating that Barris had arranged the escape as part of a plot to turn Garqi over to the Rebel Alliance. With Yzalli's vague death report filed by Barris, Loor had Barris arrested. Horn wanted to send a message to the Delight with the shield codes, but Barris had deactivated his message account when he declared him dead. Now forced to intervene actively, he made his way to his freshly-repaired X-wing. There, he was shocked to have Whistler reveal to him that the droid, through HoloNet contact, had been the mysterious leader of Tesc's slicing ring, known as "Xeno" to the students. Horn launched, caught up to the freighter, and gave Nootka the shield code. He then quickly shot down two of the TIEs with proton torpedoes but had to dogfight with the last two. After shooting one down, he still had the best of the pilots on his tail. A trick maneuver using his repulsorlifts to bounce off the Star's Delight was able to put him in position to destroy the final TIE fighter and escape.[11]

Horn followed Nootka to a Rebel base, where the Alliance's Captain Dromath was extremely impressed upon hearing of Horn's performance over Garqi. He urged Horn to join the Rebel Alliance, but Horn, wary of becoming involved in the galactic struggle, maintained that he just wanted to be left alone. Dromath and Tesc told him that the Alliance needed him, and that he was better off fighting the Empire with others than on his own. When Dromath told him that the elite Rogue Squadron was seeking pilots, Horn was intrigued. He realized that he missed having companionship, and that he would never be able to truly escape the Empire without the Alliance. He decided to join the cause.[11]

Becoming a RogueEdit

"You've got the makings of a superior pilot, but you aren't there yet. You have the skills you need, but there is more to being part of this squadron than flying well. The training you get will be a bit different from the others, but your need to learn is just as great."
―Wedge Antilles, to Corran Horn[src]

In late 3 ABY, Horn tried out for a position in the elite Rogue Squadron, which was being re-formed under the famous Corellian Commander Wedge Antilles. He trained for several months at Folor, where his roommate was Ooryl Qrygg, a Gand who always spoke in the third person. Used to being on his own, he was relatively distant from the rest of the trainees. Horn strongly disliked Bror Jace, a pilot generally considered his rival for the top position among the trainees, considering him arrogant and egotistical.[6]

Near the end of the training regimen, he flew his final iteration of the Redemption scenario, a classic piloting simulation in which he and three other pilot-candidates were required to protect the frigate Redemption while it was evacuated to the vulnerable corvette Korolev. The Imperial frigate Warspite meanwhile harassed them, deploying fighters and bombers. In an earlier simulation, Horn had flown one of the bombers, successfully destroying the Korolev. Horn, flying with Qrygg, Nawara Ven, and Rhysati Ynr, was now in command of the flight, and decided that he would operate by convention wisdom, ranging ahead to engage the fighters himself while the other three provided a backstop that prevented Warspite from deploying fighters even closer. Horn was able to shoot down the first three TIE bombers, but as he engaged the last three, he found that one of the TIE fighters from the first wave was killing his companions. He had to use the desperation tactic of bouncing the last TIE bomber, which he suspected was piloted by Jace, off his shields, dealing it crippling damage, before he was able to engage the final TIE fighter. He engaged the fighter, launching a proton torpedo, which it dodged. As the TIE settled in behind Horn, he became convinced that the pilot had to be the legendary Antilles. He was able to break free of the pursuit and came around for a head-to-head pass. The other pilot's fire was able to distract his targeting sensors, keeping him from getting a lock, and Horn was rendered dead in space. He won the scenario, however, as his earlier proton torpedo finally caught up with the TIE and destroyed it. After the mission, he was approached by the other pilot, who was not Antilles at all. He congratulated Horn and departed, leaving Horn impressed by his skill but wondering as to his identity. He was in fact Captain Tycho Celchu, a former Rogue whom Antilles had brought in specifically to defeat Horn, as there was no other trainee significantly above Horn's flying level. Horn's run of the Redemption scenario turned out to be the highest of all the candidates'.[6]

After the simulation, Horn went to perform maintenance on his X-wing, where he was approached by pilot-candidate Lujayne Forge. She confronted him over his separation from the rest of the candidates, accusing him of holding the fact that she was from Kessel against her. He explained that he was merely used to isolation and found it difficult to trust others after his time on Garqi, and she invited him to drinks with the other cadets at the DownTime cantina, which he accepted. She also aided him with his maintenance, leaving him owing her a favor.[6]

In short order, Horn received a message telling him to report to the squadron briefing room. He had been selected for the squadron. At the briefing, he learned that the mystery pilot was Celchu, who would be the unit's executive officer. During the introduction, it was mentioned that two of the pilots had death marks against them. Horn, Qrygg, Ynr, and Ven speculated about who might have them, correctly identifying Riv Shiel as a likely candidate for the Empire's enmity. Horn was amused to learn from "Emtrey," the unit's military protocol droid and quartermaster, that he was the second recipient, Loor having followed through on his threat to use the smuggler incident against him. During Emtrey's search of records to confirm his story, however, the droid came across an Imperial report that Bastra had died. Horn was distraught at the loss of his mentor, but believed it might be a false report by Loor aimed at goading him.[6]

Horn was given the callsign Rogue Nine, and Qrygg served as his wingman. The next day, he and the rest of the Rogues were sent in to fly through a shooting range in the so-called Pig Trough, a Folor canyon. Horn flew it well, hoping to set a high score, but upon returning to the base and waiting as others completed the exercise and returned, he found that all the others had performed better than he had. Horn was puzzled, knowing the others should not be beating him so consistently. Eventually, he realized that Antilles had ordered Whistler to feed his telemetry back to the rest of the squadron, giving them information about the run and allowing them to score better. Horn was furious, feeling that he had been humiliated.[6]

When Antilles and Celchu entered the hangar, Horn angrily confronted his commanding officer. Antilles lectured him in return, telling him that he had learned a lesson about teamwork. His own score in the training exercise was immaterial; what was important was the cohesion of the squadron. He was a more talented pilot, but was no more important than anyone else. Chagrined, Horn accepted the truth of Antilles's argument. Afterward, he was approached by Celchu, who told him that his loner tendencies were keeping him apart from the squadron, and advised him to rectify them. Horn was surprised, however, when a guard escorted Celchu away after the conversation, leaving him wondering if the man was some sort of security risk. With the conversation over, he was approached by a Rogue, who told him the rest of the pilots were in DownTime and wanted to apologize. Horn attended, and told them not to feel bad for him; that it had been an important lesson for him to learn.[6]

The Rogues continued training, including an attack on General Horton Salm's training wing of Y-wings, in which the Rogues had an eight-to-one kill ratio. After one month of training as a squadron, the Rogues were assigned an astronavigation exercise. Horn was promoted to the rank of lieutenant and given command of the squadron's Three Flight, including Qrygg, Forge, and Andoorni Hui, and the Rogues were required to pack their gear, all of which made Horn think that their trip was more than an exercise. Their trip would have three legs, with One Flight plotting the first, Two Flight plotting the second, and Three Flight plotting the third. Each had various beginning and ending points with which to work, requiring them to work up multiple courses; however, Horn was able to eliminate most of them by the course of the first and second jumps, leaving him only two routes to refine. He decided to trim some time off the jump to the Morobe system by plotting a course nearer to the center of the Chorax system.[6]

This turned out to be the course they used, but it resulted in the squadron's being pulled out of hyperspace in the Chorax system due to the presence of an Interdictor cruiser, which was in the process of capturing a smuggling ship. Horn was nervous at the prospect of combat but engaged the TIE interceptors escorting the cruiser. He destroyed one fighter before he was struck by an ion cannon blast from the Black Asp, disabling his fighter. He was able to bring up emergency power and stop the spin he had been thrown into but was left floating and vulnerable. When the other Rogues drove off the Black Asp, it fled past Horn, with several interceptors in its wake. Tycho Celchu, flying the squadron's shuttle Forbidden, was able to get a missile lock on two of the interceptors, feeding Horn the targeting data and allowing him to shoot both down with proton torpedoes. The smuggler craft, which was affiliated with the New Republic, clamped Horn's X-wing and carried him on to Talasea in the Morobe system, Rogue Squadron's new base; the squadron had been put on active duty.[6]

Upon reaching Talasea, Horn debarked and found that the ship which had ferried him was the Pulsar Skate, captained by Mira Terrik, the daughter of his father's old nemesis Booster Terrik, whom Hal Horn had sent to Kessel. Antilles, an old friend of Terrik's, had to defuse the situation. Walking away with Antilles, Horn asked why Celchu was flying an unarmed shuttle, had never had full-power weapons on his training Z-95 Headhunter, and had appeared to be under guard on Folor. Antilles told him that he had complete faith in Celchu, and that the matter was Celchu's business. Horn would have to ask Celchu if he wanted an explanation. However, since airing the matter could damage squadron morale, Antilles asked Horn to keep everything private, to which he agreed.[6]

Personality and traitsEdit

Mr. Corran Horn

Corran Horn

"Even back when I entered CorSec, I knew there were things that I'd be called upon to do, dangerous things, that I would do because others could not. My role in society was to take action and responsibility for those who could not. I think, deep down, that's the essence of being a Jedi. A Jedi places himself where he can defend the greatest number of people from the greatest evil."
―Corran Horn, to Mara Jade[src]

Though he strongly believed in his instincts, Corran Horn believed in using his brain and thinking through problems rather than working by feelings; this analytic tendency remained even as a Jedi. Horn was an extremely tenacious and relentless individual. He was extremely competitive, and strongly disliked being beaten in anything. A hard worker, he always strove to be the best at anything he attempted. Part of the reason he drove himself so hard was that he feared failing others. Horn had a tendency to blame himself for any negative situation he was in, though he was willing to reconsider his initial instincts to blame himself when confronted by another person or by new information. Horn was able to admit to himself that he had a strong ego, and did not like being wrong. He had to put this aside during his Jedi training, simply being himself and avoiding arrogance in order to channel the Force effectively. In his time as a Jedi, Horn was able to do so, moving beyond his former pridefulness to accept the Jedi philosophies of humility and self-control.

On Corellia, Horn regarded the Empire as an intrusive, unneeded presence, and wanted to limit its interference as much as possible. In general, he felt that the Empire was evil and oppressive, yet he regarded the Rebellion as a criminal group and had no problem imprisoning its members, especially as a Rebel presence gave the Empire more justification to intervene in Corellian affairs. However, he was willing to work alongside Rebels and against the interests of the Empire if he felt that he was achieving a greater good. He eventually joined the New Republic in order to protect galactic citizens against what he saw as Imperial tyranny, though he was still not entirely comfortable with the New Republic's criminal roots and accepted association with smugglers in its early days.

While Horn was determined to protect civilians during his time in Corellian Security and the New Republic, he was more interested in looking out for himself during the dangerous period when he was on the run from the Empire. He felt it too risky to put himself in danger to aid others unless they were in extremely serious or if he had brought their predicaments upon them. Outside that difficult period, however, Horn was extremely willing to give his life to protect others as a security officer, a soldier, and a Jedi, and when facing lethal situations he was able to comfort himself with the idea that his death would save others, leaving him calm and focused. By nature and his time with CorSec, Horn was highly suspicious of others, a tendency Luke Skywalker urged him to reduce. While he did become more trusting of his allies, he was constantly wary and cautious in dangerous situations.

Corran (hand on face)

Corran Horn was a Jedi as well as a connoisseur of art

Although Horn was proud of his Jedi heritage, he was initially wary of taking it up, feeling unready to sacrifice his normal life for the way of the Jedi. He avoided playing his father's message in order to keep from feeling even more conflicted. When Mira was kidnapped, he played the message and realized that he had to train as a Jedi, not only because it was his father's wish but because he knew it was the right thing to do with his gifts. When Horn made his own lightsaber, he went through a crucible of his own, realizing that he could no longer act without thinking things through, he had to accept responsibility for doing as much good as possible, and always strive to be a better person and protector of the innocent. He made a complete commitment, a dedication of his life to the Jedi way. Horn believed that the Jedi Order best served the Force through serving the New Republic. That, in his opinion, was the best path to a stable, peaceful galaxy, and he also believed it was vital that the Jedi answer to some outside authority so they could not abuse their power.

Even though he had many romances as a young man, Horn believed in having stable relationships and not basing his romantic encounters on simple lust. Horn also believed in strong family relationships, and he himself had an extremely positive relationship with his father, whom he considered a friend as much as a parent. They were drawn even closer when Horn's mother left, though he and his mother would eventually rekindle their relationship. He looked up to his father and felt that he could share his problems with Hal, to whom he looked for moral guidance and the two made an excellent team. The death of Hal Horn left the younger Horn feeling lost, without his mentor. He felt emotionally adrift and without his moral compass. Leaving Bastra and Wessiri when he escaped from Corellia made him feel even more alone. Only with his joining Rogue Squadron did he find friendship again. However, Horn's uncertainty over whether he could trust Tycho Cellier led him to feel betrayed and angry with him, though he acknowledged that this was not a logical feeling.

Horn loved to fly, and was irritable when he was unable to. Even when operating with his cover identities between leaving Corellian Security and joining the New Republic, Horn managed to fly at least once a week. Another enjoyment, less significant, was art. Horn's mother volunteered with the Museum of Fine Art, giving Horn a chance to take in a great deal of art as a young man, and he developed a taste for art and ability to analyze it. Horn also had a penchant for wine and became something of a connoisseur.



Chertyl RuluwoorEdit

Iella WessiriEdit

"In the immediate aftermath of that I thought I was in love with her, or in lust, at least. Before then we'd just been friends, like you and I are. Maybe there were some core sparks of something but nothing we'd noticed or acted on. And that night, well, we both felt it."
―Corran Horn, to Erisi Dlarit[src]

Horn had a close friendship with Iella Wessiri, his Corellian Security Force partner. They were merely friends until one incident in which Wessiri saved his life in a battle at a glitterstim dealer's warehouse. Horn felt extremely grateful, and began to feel that he was in love with Wessiri, a married woman. She responded similarly, but before they could do anything, they were separated and debriefed. Horn did not see her for another two days, at which point he had realized his attraction had been the result of the emotional comedown from combat. Neither ever again considered a physical or romantic relationship, and Horn was glad that they had not taken a step he felt would have ruined Wessiri's marriage and their friendship.

Siolle TintaEdit

"Anyway, Siolle Tinta and I got along fabulously once we discovered we shared similar opinions about art. In close quarters, we reinforced each other's ideas and it quickly became us against the world. On the outside, Iella nailed the kidnapper, so we only spent three days together, but if you'd asked me at the end of that time if it was love and lasers for life, I would have told you all systems were go. […] The gulf between us proved insurmountable. We parted friends, but we both knew that what we'd had while together was a supernova that was collapsing in on itself. We might have generated a lot of heat and light, but eventually the black hole would have torn us apart."
―Corran Horn, to Wedge Antilles[src]

At some point during his partnership with Wessiri, Horn was assigned to protect heiress Siolle Tinta. They got along very well due to their similar views on art, and during the three days they spent together in a safehouse, they had a brief but fiery romance. In short order, however, Wessiri caught the potential kidnapper threatening Tinta and she no longer needed protection. Horn quickly realized that their time together had merely been an infatuation that would not have worked long-term. They parted as friends.

Mira Terrik HornEdit

"When you arrived on this station, you said you thought I would have protected Mira from the likes of Corran. The real story is that I was overjoyed when they became friends. Mira needed someone as stable as Corran because she's never really sure where you are or what's happened to you. And Corran, he needed someone with Mira's curiosity and fervor for life because he'd been cut off from everyone he knew and trusted. Both of them were gyros that needed to be spin balanced, and they did that for each other."
―Wedge Antilles, to Booster Terrik[src]

Horn first met Mira Terrik when she ferried him from the Chorax system to Talasea when his fighter was disabled. They originally did not get along well, each blaming the other for his or her father's activities; Hal Horn had tracked down the notorious smuggler Booster Terrik and had him imprisoned on Kessel. However, Wedge Antilles quickly intervened to tell each of them that the other deserved respect. When Horn was restricted to quarters after the Battle of Vladet, Terrik brought him a care package, and they talked, sharing a ryshcate and whiskey, during which time Horn realized that he greatly enjoyed her company. The night before the Second Battle of Borleias, Terrik was sleeping in Horn's quarters due to Qrygg offering her his bunk.

Horn enjoyed spending time with Mira and enjoyed their shared Corellian heritage. While he considered her merely a good friend, he was willing to admit that he could fall in love with her if he let himself. After working alongside her during their infiltration of Coruscant, Horn realized that he wanted a romantic relationship with her, and asked her out just before he flew to bring down the shields. She agreed, but their courtship was disrupted by the fact that he was shot down and captured. Horn's escape from Lusankya allowed them to reunite, and their relationship swiftly turned serious. They began cohabiting almost immediately. When Horn met her father, he and Booster Terrik did not get along, but that did not deter him from his relationship with Mirax. Before the Battle of Thyferra, he decided to propose to her. He was overjoyed when she accepted. They were married quietly by Wedge Antilles aboard the Lusankya when news of the engagement broke, but followed it up with a more formal ceremony on Coruscant.[8]

They enjoyed a comfortable married life on Coruscant, though first Zsinj, then Thrawn, and then Palpatine kept them from spending too much time together as Horn was called away to fight. They had some thoughts of having children, but were kept from seriously discussing the issue until after the reborn Palpatine's defeat.[1][12] At that point, Mira brought up the issue, and Horn, who disliked children, was resistant. However, continued thinking on the subject resulted in his looking forward to becoming a father. Mira's kidnapping by Tavira's forces interrupted any plans and forced him to take up his Jedi heritage when he rescued her. After that ordeal, Horn was ready to have children.[1] He and Mira did so two years later, naming their son Valin, after Horn's father.[13] Valin was followed three years later by a daughter, Jysella.[14] Horn's love for Mirax stayed strong throughout their marriage even though their careers forced them to spend much time apart, and with the passage of time, he and her father even managed to get along.[15]

Leonia TaviraEdit

When Horn infiltrated Leonia Tavira's Invid pirate gang, he learned that she had an extremely strong taste for men, frequently taking sexual partners from among her subordinates. When Tavira began flirting with him during his debriefing after the Battle of Xa Fel, Horn moved preemptively to cut off any thoughts of a relationship, outraging the warlord. In response, she took as her lover Remart Sasyru, Horn's rival among the Survivor pilots. Horn himself acted to cut off the possibility of a sexual liaison precisely because he knew that, despite his love for Mira and belief in remaining faithful to her, he was physically very attracted to Tavira and did not trust himself not to give in.

Eliana TachiEdit

Mara JadeEdit

Erisi DlaritEdit

Corran and Erisi (In Bed)

Corran and Erisi in bed

Horn and Erisi Dlarit were both pilots in Rogue Squadron. While they socialized, Horn was first approached romantically by Dlarit in the aftermath of the Battle of Vladet. She told him that she had feared for her life when the Lancer-class frigate arrived, and suggested that she was feeling physically grateful. Horn told her that what she was feeling was merely the aftereffect of combat, citing his experience with Wessiri. He let her down gently, as even though he was physically attracted to her, he was uncomfortable with her attentions. Horn did entertain some ideas of a relationship with her, however, and found her extremely appealing. Yet, he declined a fairly direct invitation to sleep with her before the Second Battle of Borleias due to his need to sleep, though even he considered himself a fool for doing so.

During their mission to Coruscant, Horn and Dlarit posed as a telbun and his mistress, sexual partners. However, Horn initially held back from becoming intimate with her, justifying his decision as for mission security and because of his feelings for his wife. He ultimately realized that she came from an entirely different society, she was accustomed to wealth and opulence and Horn simply was not. He did not feel he could be a part of her world, as it did not fit him. When she attempted to seduce him in their hotel room, however, Horn gave in to his desire to be with her. He soon grew guilty and regretted his actions, realizing that any possible relationship between the two would be a disaster. Within the next day, Horn explained to Dlarit that he believed it would be a mistake to continue a physical relationship because they both knew their emotional one would not work out.

Horn ultimately decided to remain with his wife Mira. Any remaining interest he might have had in Dlarit was destroyed after he realized that she was a traitor to the New Republic, and Horn ended up killing her.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

"There are those among the Jedi that view strength as how far you can move something, or how easily you can break something. The real strength of a Jedi comes from within, from his heart and mind. Some Jedi move rocks just to prove they can move them, but the strongest Jedi don't see any reason to move rocks when that isn't going to solve the immediate problem."
―Corran Horn, to Valin Horn[src]

Corran Horn was able to enter a state in which he was calm and centered, giving him better reflexes and helping him avoid being shot even before he realized he was Force-sensitive. Sometimes in combat, he was able to enter an even more advanced state in which time seemed to slow, giving him incredible reflexes and foreknowledge of others' actions. This ability was further developed by his Jedi training under Skywalker. Another ability he had while still untrained was the capacity to implant thoughts in individuals, though he did not even realize he was doing so, an artifact of his strong talent with the mind trick power.

Horn learned many basic Force abilities at Skywalker's Praxeum. His precognition was refined, and he learned to sense through the Force, expanding his senses and using the Force as a new sense entirely. He also gained the capacity to erect a shield through the Force, and the ability to protect his mind from mental probes by other Force users, as well as masking his Force presence almost entirely. Healing was another of the skills he mastered. During the Yuuzhan Vong War, Horn participated in Jedi Battle melds, linking several Jedi mentally for greater battle coordination.

Like all Halcyon Jedi, Horn lacked significant telekinetic abilities, and it took great strain to make a stone so much as wobble. He made up for them with a powerful affinity for mind tricks, implanting thoughts, sensations, and images in others, and a great skill in the absorption of energy, also Halcyon traits. When absorbing energy, electric, heat, and otherwise, Horn was able to redirect it into telekinetic feats, but it took such an infusion of power to do so.

Horn was quite skilled with a lightsaber, and many Jedi students regarded him as an elite combatant. His Force abilities also aided his already considerable talent as a pilot.


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