"Those who don't live here wish they did."
―Saying among Core Worlders[src]

The Core Worlds (also known as the Galactic Core and, during the Imperial Period, the Imperial Core) were some of the most prestigious, well-developed, well-known, least politically restrictive and heavily populated planets in the galaxy.[1][2] The Core was the hub of galactic culture, finance, technology, education, and fine arts. Noble houses held a great deal of influence in this region and almost every interstellar company had offices or were headquartered in the Core Worlds. In astrophysical terms, the Core denoted the central area of the galaxy, and in broad terms this was true enough, but the precise usage of the term was often more complex.

The major Rimward hyperlanes radiated outwards around little more than half the galactic disk, and the Core Worlds occupied a C-shaped region of space around the Deep Core, the heart of the astrophysical core (generally considered to be a separate outlier area), extending outwards towards the Unknown Regions.

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