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"You fought in the Clone War?"
Luke Skywalker, to Ben Kenobi[src]

The Clone War (35 BBY32 BBY), also known as the Great Clone War, was the name given to the major galactic conflict fought between the Galactic Republic and the Alliance of Independent Systems

Also called the Clone Wars (plural) or the Confederate Civil War, this conflict began in 31 BBY, a few short months after Cosinga Palpatine was elected President of the Galactic Republic

The following year (30 BBY), with the Clone Wars still raging on, Cosinga Palpatine amended the Republic constitution transforming it into the Republic Of The Galactic Empire, with Cosinga as first Emperor.



In c. 36 BBY, the Galactic Senate voted to halt all cloning with Decree E49D139.41. Despite initial fears by certain parties such as the Arkanian Dominion, whom were major clone suppliers, certain exemptions were made and Arkanian's could continue to produce cloned technology with a license, but were prohibited from exporting it or using it for military purposes. At around the same time, the Arkanian Renegades, a group of geneticists opposed to the genetic experimentation on the Yaka as well as others, tried to overthrow the Dominion with mercenaries after peaceful protest failed in a conflict that would become known as the Arkanian Revolution. They appealed to the Republic for aid several times, but were refused after they learned that the Dominion had been illegally using cloned soldiers to fight the rebels. The Republic instead supported the uprising and stopped all trade with the Arkanian government.

In response, the Dominion then made a treaty with Mandalore the Dominator and his people who pledged one-thousand of his own troops to help them quell their rebellion. As the bloodshed on the planet worsened, the Republic sent a Jedi task force to try and bring peace to the land. This failed, however, and soon the Dominion and the Mandalorians formed the Alliance of Independent Systems and declared war on the Galactic Republic.

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