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Ben Skywalker
Biographical information


Birth Name

Benjamin Cade Skywalker


6:2:17 ABY, Coruscant

Physical description





5'9" (1.81 m)

Hair Color

Dark Blond

Eye Color


Skin Color


Family information

Kane Skywalker (great-grandfather)
Nellith Skywalker (great-grandmother)
Anakin Skywalker (grandfather)
Minerva Organa (grandmother)
Jesse Jade (grandfather)
Leandra Jade (grandmother)
Luke Skywalker (father)
Mara Jade Skywalker (mother)
Nathan Skywalker (brother)
Lara Skywalker (sister)
Macey Skywalker (sister)
Owen Skywalker (brother)
Mason Skywalker (brother)
Leia Solo (aunt)
Han Solo (uncle)
Han Solo Jr. (cousin)
Jacen Solo (cousin)
Jaina Solo (cousin)
Anakin Solo (cousin)
Lyra Solo (cousin)
Sami Solo (cousin)
Landon Solo (cousin)

Political information
Known Masters
"Doing the right thing isn't something special. It's the minimum. It's where we start each morning, not where we try to end up one day in the future. You taught me that."
―Ben Skywalker, to Luke Skywalker[src]

Ben Skywalker was a Human male who served the New Jedi Order as a Jedi Knight during the Second Galactic Civil War and the period afterward.


Early lifeEdit

"I'm sure he'll grow up into a fine Jedi Knight... years and years from now."
―Cal Omas[src]

Ben Skywalker was born on the planet Coruscant in 17 ABY to the Jedi Master's Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade. The Skywalkers named the boy Ben after Luke's own mentor, Ben Kenobi.

During the Betrayal of Mason Skywaller,Ben was in a Mission,When he Returned home it was the Day Before the Funeral of Mason Skywalker.

Personality and traitsEdit

Ben s 3

Ben Skywalker

"Sorry about my last message. Dad assures me that whining is a family trait and that I should be over it by the time I'm thirty, but that's not much comfort, because if you're any example, it just turns into complaining."
―Ben Skywalker[src]

Ben Skywalker was known as a highly courageous, honorable, loyal and fair person. Skywalker loved Mara Jade very much and often trusted his mother with sensitive information rather than his father, who he, in a way, feared. However, he grew much closer to his father as he grew older. As a young boy, Skywalker was a very affable, social child, often teasing his cousins and other relatives. After the Yuuzhan Vong War, the pain that young Skywalker felt through the Force overwhelmed him, causing him to withdraw from the Force. Although this greatly worried his parents, Jacen Solo was able to help Skywalker reopen himself to the Force, and Skywalker formed a close relationship with his older cousin. Although at first Skywalker would only use the Force around Solo, he eventually grew to trust the Force and become a Jedi.

However, as he grew older and served in the New Republic Defense Force he became much more mature, to the point that his parents were surprised at how world-weary he had become and how much he acted like a full-grown adult. Skywalker did have a rather large ego, feeling somewhat entitled and lived under the expectancy that he would become a great Jedi Knight like his mother and father and would sometimes read magazines, hoping for some kind of recognition, and was disappointed when he was not mentioned. This self-serving and juvenile behavior was something that his father frequently scolded him over, though Luke did acknowledge that he was the same way in his younger days. Skywalker was headstrong and fearless and insisted on dealing with life on his own terms.

Skywalker was a very curious and observant person and vowed to question everything he believed in, even the Force itself, before putting trust in any faith. Skywalker had a quick wit, sharp tongue, and an irreverent sense of humor, and during Ben's travels with his father, the two had many humorous and lighthearted exchanges.


Tahiri VeilaEdit

Vestara KhaiEdit

Powers and abilitiesEdit

"When my life's on the line, I can take care of myself."
―Ben Skywalker[src]

As the son of two powerful and famous Force-users, Ben Skywalker was very strong in the Force from the moment of his birth.

Force powersEdit

Lightsaber trainingEdit

"What's one of the first things you learned in training to become a Jedi?"
"Don't cut off your own head with a lightsaber.…"
―Luke Skywalker and Ben Skywalker[src]


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