Bailian Durron
Bailian Durron
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Birth Name

Bailian Donovan Durron


13:1:5 ABY

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5'10.5" (1.79 m)

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Family information

Donovan Durron (grandfather)
Zara Durron (grandmother)
Kyp Durron (father)
Sofia Augustine (mother)
Annika Warka (half-sister)
Asher Durron (half-brother)
Astrid Durron (half-sister)
Michael Durron (half-brother)
Maya Kern (wife)
Flynn Durron (son)
Zeth Durron (uncle)
William Kern (father-in-law)
Therese Kern (mother-in-law)

Political information
Known Masters
"And here I thought we were friends."
―Bailian Durron[src]

Bailian Durron was a revered human male who served as a Jedi Knight of the New Jedi Order and helped save The Galaxy from the Yuuzhan Vong during the Yuuzhan Vong War.

Born to the galactic hero Kyp Durron and Sofia Warka in 5 ABY, Durron was trained by his father from an early age in the ways of the Jedi.


Early lifeEdit

Bailian Durron was born in 5 ABY to the Jedi Knight Kyp Durron and the doctor Sofia Warka. After meeting his father for the first time a few years later, Durron was primarily raised on the planet Coruscant in the rebuilt Jedi Temple where he was trained by his father in the ways of the Jedi from an early age. Though they had already separated, both of his parent's continued to live and work at the Temple for the rest of his upbringing.

As the child of one of the New Jedi Order's leading Jedi Knights, Durron's childhood was a privileged one. He constantly was able to attend numerous games to his favorite sports teams, travel to exotic planets, had elaborate birthday parties and stayed at expensive hotels. When he was seven years old, Durron accompanied his father on a group hunting expedition, an experience he had fond memories of.

Time at the Jedi AcademyEdit

Annoying kid

Bailian as a child

"I'm the cardiac kid. Come on, come on."
―Bailian Durron, challenging a fellow student to a fist fight[src]

When he came of age, Durron began attending regular classes at the Jedi Academy.

Yuuzhan Vong WarEdit

In 38 ABY, Kern fell pregnant and the two married shortly thereafter. The newly wedded woman gave birth to a son named Flynn on June 1, 39 ABY.

Personality and traitsEdit

Bailian 04

Bailian Durron

"I think you confuse our pridefulness with arrogance. Not surprising. It's easily done."
―Bailian Durron[src]

Bailian Durron was regarded by his peers as an arrogant, egotistical, prideful, and stuck up individual. Much like his father and siblings, Durron possessed an independent and stubborn streak since his younger years, often being rebellious to his teachers when there was not much reason to do so.

Though often chastised by his fellow Jedi for often seemingly taking the easy way out, Durron showed bravery throughout the Yuuzhan Vong War. Durron's heroics during the war garnered him respect from his superior's as well as several promotions, leading himself to believe that he was one of the most talented of the second generation of Jedi in the New Jedi Order.

Bail 10

Bailian thought himself very talented

Durron also considered himself to be something of a ladies man, claiming that many of his former girlfriend's spread word that he was a heart breaker.



Madi WinduEdit

Jana KellerEdit

Bail and Jana 1

Bailian and Jana

"You're a fucker, you know that?"
―Jana Keller to Bailian Durron[src]

Bailian and Jana maintained a serious relationship for about a year, but the affair quickly soured after their eight month anniversary.


Catalina SepúlvedaEdit

At some point in his adulthood, Bailian and Catalina had a brief fling.

Aurora ZannEdit

Bailian had an interest in Aurora as she got older and attempted to woo her on a few occasions but she appeared to not reciprocate his feelings.

Helena PrendergastEdit

Lola ChilcottEdit

Maya KernEdit

Eva NelsonEdit

Powers and abilitiesEdit

"A shadow and a threat have been growing in my mind. Something draws near, I can feel it."
―Bailian Durron[src]

Trained since childhood, Bailian Durron was a very talented warrior.


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