Alliance Fleet
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Admiral Gial Ackbar


4 ABY (As New Republic Defense Fleet)

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Alliance to Restore the Republic

"The Rebel Alliance is too well equipped. They're more dangerous than you realize."
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The Alliance Fleet, also known as the Alliance Navy and the Rebel Fleet, referred to the various spacecraft operated jointly by the Rebel Alliance in their struggle against the Galactic Empire. Although it was minuscule in size compared to the Imperial Navy, and in many cases its ships were of non-military design, the fleet proved to be a thorn in the Empire's side throughout the Galactic Civil War.

Following the creation of the New Republic, the Rebel fleet was renamed into the New Republic Defense Fleet.


Early historyEdit

The Rebel Alliance fleet was originally quite small, composed of small to mid sized cruisers, converted freighters, and outdated starfighters. In terms of organization, the Rebel fleet was scattered and under various command structures. All ships in service of the Rebel Alliance in the early years were owned and operated by each individual Alliance member, such as the Sullustans, Corellians, Alderaanians or Chandrilans.

File:Rebel fleet ESB.jpg

These scattered units would coordinate from time to time, like during the Battle of Ylesia, but overall the space forces of the Alliance were not properly organized and equipped to seriously oppose the Imperial Navy.

A proper fleetEdit

As the Galactic Civil War wore on, the ragtag fleet began to grow, as disaffected Imperials switched sides and numerous planets declared their support for the Alliance. When the Mon Calamari chose to join the Rebel Alliance, they brought with them their Star Cruisers, which helped them win the Second Naboo Space Battle. With these new ships, it gave The Alliance the firepower to contend with Imperial warships.

Mon Mothma realized the need for a single and organized Rebel armada, and decided to appoint the Mon Calamari Gial Ackbar to the rank of Admiral. With the rank came the position of Supreme Commander of the Alliance Fleet.

Capital ship classesEdit

Space stationsEdit



Mon Cal battleship Home One.


Cruisers and destroyersEdit


Carriers and assault shipEdit


File:Eaw ass frig mk2.jpg

Corvettes and gunshipsEdit


A CR90 corvette in the service of the Rebel Alliance Fleet.



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